Online Advert Rates On '9ja Land'
Effective Mar. 2010

RATES PER CYCLE (In Dollars/Naira)
NB*: If Naira Is Preferred, Current Exchange Rates Will Apply

CYCLE RATE* (Dollar/Naira)
Banner (Header Right) - all pages 468 x 60 200USD (N30000*)
Square (Footer) - all pages 250 x 250

100USD (N15000*)
Sidebar (Up) 300 Max Width 200USD (N30000*)
Sidebar (Middle/Down) 300 Max Width 150USD (N22500*)
Sidebar (Down) 120 Max Width 150USD (N22500*)
Sidebar (Middle/Down) 300 Max Width 150 USD (N22500*)
Text/Link Ads (Sidebar/Footer) - all pages 100 Words or less 15USD(N2250*)
Text/Link Ads (Bottom of Posts) 100 Words or less 10USD(N1500*)/Post
One Page Dedicated Review (without links) Nil 90USD (N13500*!)
One Page Dedicated Review (with links) Nil 100USD (N15000*!)
Vertical Skyscraper (Within posts) 160 x 600 250USD (N37500*!)
Large Rectangle (End of posts)

336 x 280 250USD (N37500*!)

  • One cycle is a total of 60days
  • Rates are in USD, and current exchange rates will determine Naira equivalent (see * above)
  • One Page Dedicated Reviews have a one off fee (see ! above). Reviews may be on any subject
  • All adverts redirect to the advertiser's landing page showcasing the advertiser's services or products
  • All Sidebar Ads with lengths above 250px (ie Skyscraper, half Skyscraper, etc) attract additional 10USD/100px charge
  • All Adverts to be provided by Advertisers
  • Adverts should either be embeddable codes, or images saved in JPEG, PNG or GIF format
  • Adverts should be pre-paid before Publication
  • Advert rates are subject to review with a 60-day notice to advertisers
  • Advert Submission date: At least one week before Publication.
  • 9ja Land is not responsible for the content of other sites linked from it. See disclaimer.
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Written: 16/03/2010
Updated: 18/06/2010