About Us

Technology is just technolgy. It's what you do with it that matters. We try in our unique way to discover, create, and deploy applications that will propel our organizations forward and make a real difference in the way people access news, work, live, play and learn.

9ja-land.com is an online media site whose major aim is to collate and organize news items of various categories which we believe are of interest to our site visitors and users, usually focusing to Nigerians based locally and in the Diaspora.

From time to time, articles which do not constitute a news item would equally be published.

9ja-land.com is owned and operated by SaibaWorld, a Start-Up company based in Calabar, Cross-river state of Nigeria. The company is supported and funded privately. However, from time to time, the company may, in its discretion, place online ads on any of its sites for purposes of augmenting whatever amount it provides privately.

9ja-land will source news items from various sources including major Nigerian News dailies and papers; and in some instances for non-Nigerian news sources. At all times, 9ja-land.com will strive to give due credit to whatever source it derives its news and non-news articles from.

At other times, 9ja-land.com will create and publish its own articles, which may be news or non-news in category, and either alone or in collaboration with other individuals, groups or companies.

Our background story

During the democratic days of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, the Federal Government attempted to re-brand and re-promote Nigeria and Nigerians as a country of "Good people, Great nation." That was when the vision of 9ja-land was born.

9ja-land as a site of aggregated and syndicated news sources will serve as the eye and mouth for the many good-spirited at home and in the diaspora who both need to showcase, or to know events and issues concerning the Nigerian society and other societies which bear influence on Nigeria.

If you have a story to tell, contact us to publish your story.

9ja-land will positively influence the Nigerian image and society.