Two Accidentally Shot in Church - During Church Shooting Discussion

Police in Tennessee, US, say two people were accidentally shot inside a church on Thursday afternoon.

Two people were harmed when a man accidentally squeezed a gun trigger. Photo / Getty Image

They were there to participate in an open forum on the recent church shooting in Texas.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon, local time.

According to the Tellico Plains Police Department, elder members of the First United Methodist Church gathered for a Thanksgiving meal at 1pm and then a discussion on the recent Texas church shooting.

At one point in the discussion, someone reportedly asked if anyone had brought a gun to the church.

A man said yes, adding that he carries his gun everywhere he goes.

Police says the man pulled the gun out, emptied the magazine and chamber, and passed it around the room.

Once the gun was returned to him, he loaded it again and accidentally pulled the trigger. He was hit in the hand while his wife was hit in the abdomen.

They were both treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries.